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As an union member, should we fear vaccine mandates?


Review USW’s COVID-19 vaccine recommendations

Last week, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) said, once again, that companies could mandate COVID-19 vaccines as a requirement for coming into the office.

The USW wants to remind all of its members that we believe vaccinations should occur in a just, fair and equitable manner that ensures that communities that experience the most risk of severe disease and death are prioritized for access to vaccinations.

The USW also supports CDC recommendations that health care workers receive the COVID-19 vaccination to protect themselves and vulnerable members of the community and that, as it becomes available, it should be free of charge for everyone with no out-of-pocket costs.

However, the USW does not support mandatory immunization as either a condition of employment or as a state or federal mandate. As with other vaccines, our union believes that COVID-19 vaccination should be voluntary, and the union intends to continue fighting for vaccination policies that include informed consent and education regarding vaccination benefits and risks.

“Vaccines are highly effective, but we still believe firmly in bargaining over this issue,” said USW Vice President Fred Redmond. “Workers must be at the center of this conversation.

Members who experience an employer attempting to mandate should reach out to their staff representatives and the USW legal department.

To read our full policy on vaccinations, click here.


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