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USW Health Care Workers in Action Healthcare members organize and strategize in Pittsburgh

Health care workers joined fellow Steelworker members last week in Pittsburgh for the first ever USW Organizing Conference. The event energized activists and reinforced that it is the responsibility of all members to grow the union through organizing.

At the conference, members had in-depth training in one of three areas: internal organizing, external organizing, and advanced organizing. Through these hands-on trainings, members learned and practiced how to develop action plans so that they could return to their locals with a strategy that could be implemented immediately.

From left to right: Terri Parks from Local 204 in Alpena, Mich.; Tamara Lefcowitz, Health Care Workers Council Coordinator; John Seckrettar from Local 318 in Edison, N.J.; Tyona Wolk from Local 9600 in Chico, Calif.; Rick Bucker, District 7 Assistant Director and Health Care Coordinator; Colleen Wooten, District 10 staff; Jim Kilborn, District 12 staff; Sonia Bracey from Local 7600 in Victorville, Calif., Steve Meyer, District 2 staff, and Kelly Weaver, District 10 staff and Health Care Coordinator.

Not featured in the photo: Gerald Green from Local 2599 in Bethlehem, Pa., and Ryan Fairley from District 10, Locals 8183/3657.

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