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WELCOME to the USW Local 1066 Website.

LU 1066







Anne Pennington


Mondays @

LU 1066 Hall


Tuesdays  N/A

Wednesdays @

LU 6103 Hall

(219) 762-4433

Thursdays & Fridays @ LU 1014 Hall

(219) 883-0923

Direct Line (219) 885-1014

Unity and Strength

Standup for Workers Rights


Safe Jobs Now Rally 10-28-19

USW RAPID RESPONSE Safe Jobs Now USW Ralliers walking to the DOL


Call Congress Today!
Please make calls to your Senators and Representative! 

•  Dial our toll-free number to the U.S. Senate: 877-607-0785.

Please be sure to make two calls, one to each of your Senators.

•  Tell the office who you are and where you are from, and tell them …. The policy action desired.

•  When you finish your Senate calls, please also call your Representative.

The toll-free number for the U.S. House is: 866-202-5409.

Congress must do their part by passing this bill swiftly and fairly.

1066 Drag Day 2019
 Enjoy The Race
1066 Drag Day 2021
 Enjoy The Race

Our Founding Principles

The work of Steelworkers Organizing Committee begin in 1942 with a set of founding principles - values that still guide us today:

  1. To unite in one organization, regardless of creed, color or nationality, all workmen and working women eligible for membership.

  2. To increase the wages, and improve the conditions of employment of our members by legislation, joint agreements or other legitimate means.

  3. To endeavor to obtain by joint negotiation or legislative enactment a six-hour day and five-day week.

  4. To strive for a minimum wage scale for all members of our organization.

  5. To provide for the education of our children by lawfully prohibiting their employment until they have reached eighteen years of age

  6. To secure equitable statutory old-age pension, workman’s compensation and unemployment insurance laws.

  7. To enforce existing just laws and to secure the repeal of those which are unjust.

  8. To secure by legislative enactment, laws protecting the limbs, lives and health of our members; (laws) establishing our right to   organize; (laws) preventing the employment of privately armed guards during labor disputes and such other legislation as will be beneficial.


USW Local 1066

1221 E. Ridge Rd

Gary, IN 46409

Phone: 219-887-0591

Fax: 219-887-0593

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